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Validate and protect the authenticity of your data

Dynamic solutions that can be easily integrated into your legal business, powering efficiency, scale and trustworthiness when it comes to electronic data.

Save time

Time spent on manual reviews of electronic files and data is drastically reduced. You also have the option to automatically create stamps for new files as they are added to your platform.

Collaborate confidently

Collaborate on sensitive data or files safe in the knowledge that they cannot be falsified or compromised once you have stamped them.

Integrate seamlessly

Dynamic solutions that adapt to the needs of your business. Our AmiStamp API can be added to your current solutions so that you can stamp your clients’ files quickly and easily.

Solutions that build trust

Kinnami was founded with a two-fold vision. To protect content and to help establish the facts. Our solutions are designed to help your business transact and collaborate with confidence and peace of mind.

AmiStamp Legal

Protect and verify accuracy of data.

Stamp all types of electronic files to assign a guaranteed timestamp. Files can be validated against the stamped original, identifying if any changes have been made.

AmiShare (Beta)

Collaborate securely

Collaborate with clients and your teams on sensitive information, safe in the knowledge that it's secure. Data is protected always, using distributed data storage and sharing systems powered by the blockchain.

Protect IP of you and your clients

Provide irrefutable proof of the existence of stamped file at a specific point in time and who it is attributable to.

Securely work on sensitive data

Launchaco website builder is content driven, which means no matter what you type we pick the best template tailored to your content.

Preserve and authenticate electronic evidence

Avoid the increasing problem of falsified or erased electronic evidence, and authenticate whether or not a file copy matches the original.

Be the first to try out AmiStamp Legal

We're excited to be launching AmiStamp Legal at the ABA TECHSHOW 2019. To celebrate out launch, we're offering 100 free stamps for each new account created. Not only that - stamp a selfie taken at the Kinnami kiosk and be in with the chance of winning a $100 Amazon voucher.

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